Bill Dean, Investigative Journalist is in the Chair Tonight

There’s no better way to kick off another week of broadcasting than having Mr. Bill Deane on The George Espenlaub Show. You must treat yourself to some refreshing journalism by going to Our Missing News that is published by Mr. Deane. The following quote is certainly true of Mr. Dean’s blog, “This blog is dedicated to bringing back the commitment of professional journalism. As a former network news editor, major market news director and anchor, BILL DEANE gives you the inside story often missed by media more interested in Hollywood gossip. OUR MISSING NEWS gets into the WHY of the day’s significant events.”

            Bill Deane is an expert investigative journalist, speaker, and bestselling author of Smooth Criminal, a One Man American Crime Wave.

Bill’s best-selling book exposes the consequences of our government freeing prisoners to carry out dangerous assignments.

His expertise includes criminal behaviors, law enforcement (CIA, FBI, police, Justice Department), and the consequences of extreme secrecy (innocent American citizens lives ruined).

Bill is a professional on-air broadcaster, capable of telling a vital story in an info-tainment manner. A former major market anchor, news director, and network news assignment editor, and author, BILL DEANE is a dedicated journalist, believing in the overall good of searching and revealing for the public’s right to know. He has 33 years experience as a writer and news assignment editor at ABC and CBS; news director in Denver and Rochester, New York; anchor at KYW, Philadelphia as well as Miami’s ABC TV affiliate. He is a member of the Radio Television News Directors Association; New York Press Club; Investigative Reporters & Editors; Society of Professional Journalists and the winner of many awards including an Edward R. Murrow for Best Coverage of a Major Breaking News Event, the Assassination of Itzhak Rabin.

This is what he wrote in one of his emails to me, “Any con artists on your list?  lol   I’m not but I’ll talk about them, one who fooled Fidel Castro and many, many others.  We’ll talk about what they got away with while the Feds looked the other way, and then tell your audience how to recognize one and get away from them harmoniously without losing a penny.”

Make sure you tell everyone around you to tune in this evening at 6:30 p.m. EDT., as Mr. Bill Dean puts everyone on the edge of their chairs with his fascinating, hard hitting, true accounts from his many years in investigative journalism. It’s going to be one great show this evening.

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