Bob Baier: Handwriting Expert & Certified Forensic Document Examiner on Tonight

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            Funny Farm Head Cook MarshaIf you missed the show last evening with Michael Connelly, Constitutional Lawyer, and author, please take time to listen to what this man had to say. Visit the United States Justice Foundation site to read up on what is taking place in our country.

            This evening at 6:30 pm ET., on The George Espenlaub Show, Mr. Bob Baier will be taking us into the fascinating world of handwriting analysis. By the time the show is over you may want to become a handwriting expert.

            Bob is a Certified Handwriting Expert and aRobert Baier Certified Forensic Document Examiner having graduated from Handwriting Universities School of Forensic Document Examining.  He has 3 different Degrees AS, BS, and MA.  Bob is a certified NY State law enforcement instructor and trains law enforcement in 7 different areas which include document examining, Identity Theft, statement analysis, handwriting analysis, bogus checks, the criminal mind and handwriting, pedophiles and handwriting.  He also trains law enforcement in different states in the US.  He has been a faculty member of Handwriting University and the International School of Forensic Document Examining and received the faculty member of the year in 2008.  He has taught handwriting analysis for many years.

 Bob has been on the Television Shows “Inside Edition”, “Law Talk TV” and soon the “Smithsonian Channel” in the US and the same program will be aired in Canada, Europe and Asia on the History Channel.  On National Radio at “Business Talk Radio Net” and “Lifestyle” with 1400 affiliates.  In Sept 2005 he was featured in ESPN magazine for an analysis he did regarding an extreme sport athlete as well as Orange Magazine in NY.  Bob has spoken at National and Int’l Conferences in Hollywood, Cal., Portland, Oregon, Washington DC, Atlanta GA, Boca Raton, FLA, Maryland, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, two times in Las Vegas, NV and three times in Dallas TX. 

 As if that were not enough, Bob is the author of the book “Identity Theft – Prevention for the College Student”.  This is considered to be “The finest and most complete book on identity theft on the market today regarding Identity Theft”.  His book has been used in the training of law enforcement in NY as well as other states.

 Bob’s newest book GPS for Success is co authored with Steven Covey author of the book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Dr. John Gray author of the book Men are from Mars Women are from Venus and Les Brown nationally known speaker and author.

            I’ll be looking for you at 6:30 pm ET. Don’t forget to share a link and bring a friend or two.

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Alexes Aiken Will Set Our Feet to Dancing Tonight

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            Get your dancing shoes on cause we’re going to put our hands together and get our groove on again this evening at 6:30 pm.ET. Alexes Aiken is going to be here live so pass the word, call family and friends so we can all gather here at the Funny Farm where if you want you can stand on your head and clap your feet.

            Tune up your listening devices, crank up the volume, and get up from where you’re sitting so we can transfer this energy from one to another both here at the farm and around the world. The following is taken from her site at

           SONY DSC Country pop singer/songwriter/musician Alexes Aiken is a 17 year-old sensation. She has won as many accolades nationally in songwriting contests as singing competitions in Nashville for her original lyrics and melodies and her unique voice and style.

   Aiken’s awards include Entertainer of the Year (Traditional Country) and Songwriter of the Year (New Country and Inspirational) for the 13-16 year-old category from the Tennessee Country & Gospel Music Association (TCGMA) 2012 Awards. She also won Future Star Award, Female Entertainer of the Year (New Country), and Co-Songwriter of the Year (New Country, Gospel, Holiday and Patriotic) from the North American Country Music Associations, Int’l 2012 Awards for the 13-16 year-old category.  Aiken was born November 18, 1995.

   In fact, Aiken’s Nashville based producer, Jonell Polansky, is also a triple platinum publisher on Tim McGraw’s Dancehall Doctors CD. Polansky proudly says, “Alexes could rival any Nashville newcomer especially since she is born and raised in New Orleans but sings like she was born on The Opry stage.” She has also sung at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville at the TCGMA and GCGMA Awards Show, and on the main stage at the Nashville Palace.

   “Aiken’s new self-titled EP and her commanding voice are prominent in the club-electronica dance tracks influenced by the country remakes of these two iconic songs – Queen’s “I Want It All” and the timeless Nancy Sinatra classic, “These Boots Are Made For Walkin’,” explains Polansky.

   It is Aiken’s hope that her re-mixed version of “I Want It All” will become a new youth anthem.  Her re-mix of “Boots” celebrates the original song’s 45th anniversary as a soundtrack during television news coverage in 1967 as the cameras focused on US Infantry on patrol during the Vietnam War.

   “Miss Sinatra originally recorded her version of the “Boots” song to welcome the troops from the Vietnam War. I’m dedicating my version to our troops around the world today and, in particular, to my paternal grandfather who is a WWII Army survivor and still a large part of my life,” smiles Aiken.

   “My maternal grandfather was one of the most amazing men I have ever known. As I have said, the men in my life are the greatest men in the world, but my grandpa was really special. My grandpa was also a singer. After he was treated for thyroid cancer, his singing voice was completely destroyed from radiation. When I had sleepovers at his house, he would sing me to sleep. At the time I never realized how much of an impact he would make on my life,” recalls Aiken, of her dearly departed grandpa.

   The green eyed, auburn haired entertainer was born and raised in New Orleans with deep family roots in NOLA heritage. Aiken is an accomplished teenager who has a fierce commitment to giving back to the New Orleans community. “I love participating in service events like Boo at the Zoo (a charity event at the Audubon Zoo), Red Dress Run for heart disease, Breast Cancer and Autism walks.” She continues, “My school Key Club adopts a family every year for Christmas and Easter and the school runs community-wide drives and “garage sales” to raise money and supplies for these needy families.”

   Aiken’s personality is as flamboyant as her red hair. She is also a strong mirror image of her mother, Tonia, who is a nurse attorney and as pragmatic and dedicated as her father, Dr. James Aiken, Associate Director of Emergency Services at Charity Hospital who treated hundreds of Hurricane Katrina patients.

   Family is important to Aiken. “My mom is one of the most hardworking people I know. I hope one day that I can be at least half the woman that she is. My dad (who also plays guitar) is my rock for advice and we have a really rare relationship that few families ever get to experience,” Aiken explains.

   Aiken comes from a very musical family on her mother’s side as well. “My mom, Aunt Tina, cousin, Kyle who also plays guitar, and I all sing in the church band, “Soul Spirit”. We perform at festivals, church fairs, and Sunday night Mass.” Aiken continues, “Two of my grandfather’s brothers also played musical instruments including the accordion, flute, saxophone, and clarinet.”

   Aiken graduated from Arden Cahill Academy in Gretna, LA and is attending De La Salle High School in New Orleans.

            Man showing naked truthSo, at 6:30 pm ET make sure you tune into The George Espenlaub Show live from the Funny Farm where Alexes Aiken will grace us with her presence.

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Carl David to Discuss Suicide

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I would encourage as many as possible to tune in this evening to The George Espenlaub Show at 6:30 pm ET to hear Mr. Carl David speak about suicide awareness. Society has attached a stigma to the word and it’s often whispered about behind the scene. In order for people to move on after such a tragic loss, we need men such as Carl David to lead us in the right direction and to show us what to look for in hopes we can prevent loss of life.

           Carl David Picture Carl David – Author of “Bader Field: How My Family Survived Suicide” an autobiography, Owner of the Prestigious David David Art Gallery in Philadelphia


A few years ago tragedy rocked the life of Carl David with the suicide of his brother.  Since then Carl has been an advocate for suicide prevention, with hope that nobody else has to deal with losing friends and family to suicide.  The reality of suicide is profound; in 2010 (the most recent year for which data are available), 38,364 suicides were reported, making suicide the 10th leading cause of death for Americans. Each year over 1 million people worldwide are lost to suicide an epidemic of epic proportions.  That is over 3000 people per day each day of the year according to WHO.

His latest book “Bader Field: How My Family Survived Suicide” describes how his family Carl David Book Bader Fieldcoped with the loss and the impact it had on his family and his prestigious art gallery.  He wrote the book to be a guide to help others cope with the situation and open eyes to help prevent more tragic loss.

The book addresses his struggle to understand and move on instead of with self blame

David is eager to promote suicide prevention and awareness and help those dealing with the loss by discussing:

  • Why is it common to blame yourself for their death?  What should you know about suicide to avoid blaming yourself?
  • How does suicide impact the people around those who committed suicide?
  • What are some signs that someone is in trouble?
  • What was the inspiration behind the book “Bader Field: How My Family Survived Suicide”?
  • How his book can be a tool for those who are dealing with a loss or trying to prevent a loss?
  • Why should everyone educate themselves with suicide prevention and how could it save a life?
  • What other support groups or resources are available for someone who has someone in trouble or has lost someone?

Carl David Bio


  • Author of “Bader Field” an autobiography of Carl David’s struggle with his father’s death that allowed him to run the David David Gallery, his struggle with the suicide of his dear brother and his path to success
  • 3th Generation Owner of the prestigious David David Gallery in Philadelphia, PA
  • Author of Collecting & Care of Fine Art
  • Established and trusted art dealer
  • His books are sold on, Kindle and iBookstore among other top outlets


Carl David Book PicPlease visit Carl David’s site for more information. Tell friends and family to join us this evening for an important show that can help so many through their despair and grief. Share this link with all your friends.

Our call in number is: 302.497.3414 or george.espenlaub (Skype) for comments and questions that you may have for our guest.

The Aliens Have Landed at the Farm

Alien PurpleTonight is Alien Night at the farm, featuring anyone that chooses to call (302.497.3414 or george.espenlaub) in to discuss aliens. Dina Rae and I will be talking about aliens and we want your response. Do you or do you not believe in aliens? Have you ever had an alien experience? Have you ever been beamed up by aliens? Have you ever seen or been in a UFO?

            These are only a few of the many questions that can be discussed this evening on The George Espenlaub Show that will air live at 6:30 pm ET., 11:30 pm for our friends in the UK. I’ll kick the show off and Dina will be joining me somewhere around 7:00 pm ET. Pass the word any way that you can so we have lots of participation.

            Seriously folks, now that we have call in capabilities, take advantage of it and listen to theAlien Don't Talk Sign show live so you can comment or ask questions. 302.497.3414 or george.espenlaub (Skype). You may call from anywhere, with any device, at any time during the show so let’s get a real live discussion going tonight on aliens and UFO’s.

            Alien 2Thanks for all the support you have given us and tonight is going to be fun as you all jump in on the discussion. 302.497.3414 or george.espenlaub (Skype).

Len Lamensdorf Will Be Here Tonight

Len LamensdorfWe kick the week off by having Mr. Len Lamensdorf as our guest this evening on The George Espenlaub Show at 6:30 PM ET. Here’s a bit of information about Mr. Lamensdorf taken from Radio Guests List dot Com and Len Lamensdorf dot Com

            Len Lamensdorf, Acclaimed Author of Prize-Winning Historical Fiction

Len Lamensdorf’s new novel is “The Ballad of Billy Lee: George Washington’s Favorite Slave“.

The thrilling story was called “One of the most poignant untold stories in American history”, by best-selling, Pulitzer Prize-winning historian, Joseph J. Ellis.

The Ballad of Billy Lee is a novel adapted from Lamensdorfʻs acclaimed play.  It’s aLen Lanensdorf Book compelling story told from the perspective of the slave who was at George Washington’s side for over thirty years, through the founding of America, the Revolutionary War, Washington’s Presidency, and up until his death.

Author Len Lamensdorf is intelligent, articulate, has a great speaking voice and a quick, sense of humor, and was educated at The University of Chicago and Harvard Law, a successful attorney and businessman, author of 8 published books, 3 produced plays and a feature film.

Len’s career in law and business spanned more than thirty years.  He draws on his extensive travel experiences on five continents to create realistic settings for his work


Len Lamensdorf is an award-winning author of eight novels, three full-length plays, and one motion picture. Be sure to be with us this evening at 6:30 PM ET., as Mr. Len Lamensdorf sits in the guest chair on The George Espenlaub Show. Tell a friend, bring a friend, be a friend, and you already know, you’re our friend.Funny Farm News Reporter

Doug “Ten” Rose is Our Guest This Evening

We’ve not had a guest like the one we’ll be hearing this evening on The George EspenlaubDoug Ten Rose Box Dweller Show. I don’t mean that in a negative way either but Doug, known as “Ten,” Rose is a man that marches to another drum beat.

Doug Ten Rose Fearless PuppyAlbert Einstein said, “Once you accept the universe as being something expanding into an infinite nothing which is something, wearing stripes with plaid is easy.” Doug “Ten” Rose has metaphorically worn stripes and plaid all his life. He has thirty years experience raising funds at street level for various causes, often while working under very adverse personal circumstances. He has invented and directed charity projects involving rock stars, pro sports teams, a governor, mayors, and senators. These projects raised awareness and large sums of money for others. Much of this was done while Ten remained homeless himself, and panhandled for food money on the streets (details at He has recently written two books, Fearless Puppy on American Road and Reincarnation Through Common Sense. True to Ten’s form, ALL author profits from these books will be donated to sponsor Wisdom Professionals (beginning with but not exclusive to Tibetan Nuns and Monks).  Ten has an unaccredited degree in comparative religion. His real degree is as a graduate cum laude of heroin addiction and death, as well as thirty-five years and over a hundred thousand miles of travel without ever driving a car, having a bank account, telephone, or a bill in his name. Ten may be the most comedic smart ass as well as the wisest and most entertaining survivor of the hitchhiking adventurers that used to cover America’s highways. The term “crazy wisdom” is often used, but rarely meets its match the way it does in this author. Ten Rose and his work are a vibrant part of the present and future as well as an essential remnant of a vanishing breed.Doug Ten Rose Reincarnation through common sense

It’s going to be a good one so make sure you tune in at 6:30 PM ET., live from the Funny Farm. Share a link, send an email, call, or send a carrier pigeon but help us pass the word.

The Swinging Sixties; Mr. Harry Burke will be Here

Harry B The Swinging SixtiesOur own Mr. Harry Burke, producer and host of, “The Swinging Sixties Show,” from Ireland will be on The George Espenlaub Show at 6:30 PM EDT. Due to the time difference between us, Harry’s interview was prerecorded earlier. During the early part of the interview Harry had some trouble with his microphone which was totally out of his control but come to think of it, when is Harry ever in control? Once he fixed the problem it was right back into it again.

With all joking aside (although it’s hard to doHarry B Studio behind Bars when you’re speaking about Harry), The Swinging Sixties Show is filled with great music, a chat room that has interesting people stopping by, and a host that will make you laugh. Join Harry B. each and every day at 9 PM his time and 4:00 PM EDT here in the USA. Harry will even play your requests and he gives away day old sandwiches in the chat room. If you ask him real nice he might give you some of that raisin shine I sent to him. From his studio behind bars, Harry will set your feet tappin,’ your fingers snappin,’ your head bobbin,’ and your booty shakin.’ While you’re there, ask him who writes this stuff?

Harry B Rolls RoyceJoin me this evening at 6:30 PM EDT., to hear Harry B. all the way from Ireland. We’ll have a great guest, fine music, a few laughs, and some time we can all forget our troubles for a little while. I’ll see you on the inside.

Cliff Stevens, Live from Morocco Tonight

We have a real treat in store this evening as Mr. Cliff Stevens will be with us live from Morocco via Skype. We’ll be chatting with Cliff about his life adventures and his music that he is so passionate about. Here’s a little bit of information taken from Cliff Stevens dot com:

Cliff Stevens Big PicAfter spending years as a sideman playing with different groups – for crowds of 14000 at the Montreal International Jazz Festival, 1400 at the Medley Club in Montreal, or 14 drunks in Moose Jaw, blues guitarist Cliff Stevens decided to go solo. While in Paris in 1997 he wrote three tunes that set him on his course. Two of them – Said the Wrong Thing and Crying My Heart Out – were released that year on Preservation Records’ Preservation Blues Review to critical acclaim.

Playing guitar professionally for more than 35 years, Cliff Stevens’ original influences were the British and British and American blues guitarists of the day, Eric Clapton and Johnny Winter. In 1968, he saw the band Cream in Montreal. “Clapton just jammed all night long and I was blown away. I then saw Johnny Winter And four times in 1970 and memorized every lick I could”. Stevens says that when he was thirteen “all we did was jam slow blues all day…that’s how I learned to play” – at the legendary ’coffee house’ in Montreal – known as a breeding ground for Canadian blues guitarists (Frank Marino, Riccardo Formosa, Bobby Cohen, Jimmy James) It was about this time that he acquired his 1961 Gibson SG Les Paul that he still uses today, mostly for slide guitar.

Real Blues Magazine – “Top 10 Albums, Top 10 Guitarists, Best Original Song”Cliff Stevens
Blues Matters Magazine “A fine calling card for this talented musician…fine slide as well as a finely wrought vocal style…quality songs”
Friends of the Blues – “One of the best discoveries on the Preservation Blues Review…blues guitarist Cliff Stevens sings and plays his heart out!”
CBC Radio – “Said the Wrong Thing” is my signature song”
“Blues Net www/ – impeccable performances & recording – excellent guitarist!”

Funny Farm Eddie on PianoRemember, tune in to The George Espenlaub Show at 6:30 PM EDT as Cliff Stevens comes to us live from Morocco. Tell everyone that will listen to join us tonight for a great time, great company, and most of all, great music from Cliff Stevens. It’s going to be a fun night at the old Funny Farm so be there.

Do We Even Know Which Way Are We Going?

Stuart Vener will be on The George Espenlaub Show this evening at 6:30 PM EDT. The following is a short bio of Stuart Vener:

Stuart Vener 2Stuart is a nationally recognized Real Estate, Mortgage, Financial and Time Share expert.  Vener is a pioneer in the “Second-Chance” property program which assisted thousands of satisfied clients walk away from upside down, negative equity, properties.  Using this program, Vener established Wilshire Holding Group; a firm that has helped thousands of people avoid the devastation of foreclosure.

Vener is a Director of Community Housing and Development Corp., a charity that has provided over $100 million in down payment gifts for buyers.

Vener is a called upon expert by radio and television on Real Estate and Mortgage issues as well as financial advice. Vener has appeared on FOX 13 (Tampa Bay); FOX News, and Bloomberg TV.

In his career, Vener consulted Morris Shenker, CEO of the Dunes Hotel and Noah Dietrich, partner to Howard Hughes.

Currently, in addition to helping people with upside down mortgages, Vener is helping individuals and families escape the tough financial strain timeshares, he’s helping artists and anyone in need of extra funds for projects and startup capital obtain it with Crowd Funding.  He’s also active in helping foreigners purchase real estate in America.

In addition we will be discussing Benghazi that most important topic that the Obama Administration wants to sweep under the carpet and pretend that it never happened. There are far too many questions than answers to this catastrophe for the American people to neglect.

Remember: In the aftermath of hurricane Sandy, President Nominee hopeful Mitt Romney was helping with donations and public service.  MSNBC captured a picture of Romney grabbing cases of water, helping those volunteers and chastised him for his efforts.  They said “The Red Cross doesn’t want your help, they need your money”.

On the other hand the tragedy in Benghazi looming over President Obama in the wake of the election took a back seat to this kind of scrutiny.  This could be one of the worst acts by any President in our history, failing to defend American soil and allowing innocent people to die.  His actions could be grounds for impeachment.

Why aren’t Americans demanding answers? Why aren’t journalists asking the hard questions? Why aren’t Americans parading in the streets and contacting our representatives demanding that those responsible be held accountable? These and other hard questions will be discussed at 6:30 PM EDT on The George Espenlaub Show.

Please share this link, email it, tweet it, send it out by carrier pigeon or any other way you can tell the masses. Thanks for all your support.Funny Farm Head Cook Marsha


Delivered From the Pit of Darkness

Father Joe BradleyAnother true life story of an individual that lost faith in God, fell into the dark world of addiction, and suffered such heart disease that nothing but a miracle could save him. Thus was the life of Father Joe Bradley, author of, “The Four Gifts,” where a priest receives a second, third, and even a fourth chance at life. It’s an absolute must that you tune in this evening to The George Espenlaub Show at 6:30 PM EDT. This is going to be another one of those, “put you on the edge of your chair shows.” Here’s some more information on Father Joe:

By all rights, insight, knowledge, and plain old common sense I should be dead. If past usage of beer, marijuana, and cocaine didn’t do the trick, then certainly dilated cardiomyopathy should have.

Instead, I am alive, clean and sober, and a functioning Catholic priest. I’m not a survivor;Father Joe Book I’m a miracle–the result of the remarkable power of faith in a mysterious but loving and forgiving God, and a wonderfully supportive community. I needed both to survive addiction and the blessing of a heart transplant.

Gratitude inspired this book. I owe it to people who helped rescue me from alcohol and using drugs, and I owe it to my heart donor for giving me yet another chance at life.

Father Joseph Bradley, 55, is a priest in residence at St. Gregory’s Catholic Church in San Mateo, CA. He’s also a heart transplant survivor who speaks frequently to audiences about his spiritual journey, counsels other heart transplant patients and their families. He is also a frequent speaker at parishes and Catholic schools, where he is known for thought-provoking sermons on controversial topics ranging from his own mistakes and former drug use, to immigration and the clergy abuse scandals.

Funny Farm News ReporterWe’ll be looking for you this evening, so tell a friend. The chat room will be open should you want to ask Father Joe any questions. This is going to be another good one for sure.