AJ Jansen Brings Her Music Talent to the Farm Tonight

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Tonight at 6:30 pm ET., the talented AJ Jansen will be in the visitor’s chair on The George Espenlaub Show. This young lady will thrill you as she shares her passion for music and life.

AJ Jansen


It was at the tender age of six that marked the inception of a true, budding musical artist. That was when AJ Jansen commenced singing and song writing. Since then, having said that, her extensive list of credentials has also surpassed and skyrocketed into a whole new realm in itself. At twenty-one, she was singing to crowds of nearly a thousand and felt most privileged to accept an invitation to sing the National Anthem at The Mohegan Sun Arena Football Game in Uncasville, CT to a group of 4,000 people. It was at
that moment that she knew that music was her passion, in her soul, a part of who she was, and she wanted to share that with others. She adores playing live for the public.
Her special appearances have been at locales such as The Newport Blues Café, various benefits, and other well-known country establishments in the area.

AJ Jansen This Night Belongs to MeTo recap the last few years, she won Best Female Modern Country Vocalist from the Connecticut Country Music Association (CCMA) back in 2005. Also, in that year, she won Best Recording for her original single, “Moments” which is featured on the CCMA compilation CD. 2006 was also another prodigious year. The Wolf Den at The Mohegan Sun asked her back for five consecutive monthly shows!! It was a dream come true for her to be performing on the very same stage she had seen so many legendary country and rock performers. AJ also attended the national championships for the North American Country Music Association (NACMAI) in Nashville, TN. At the NACMAI Nationals, she won the NACMAI Horizon Female Vocalist of the Year for 2006. That year also marked the year of her much anticipated debut CD, entitled, “This Night Belongs To Me.” The album was released just in time for the summer fair season. The Big E, New England’s biggest Country Fair asked her to play six, successive shows where she was able to catch up with old fans, and meet and greet the new ones. Then, in 2007, AJ toured Border’s Bookstores, where there was a great turnout of listeners who were eager for more. She happily obliged the patrons’ requests for encores. 2008 proved to be a productive and awesome year. AJ was featured on Japanese television on a segment called, “The New York Songwriter’s Circle.” Also, in 2008, a handful of New York Clubs booked her, including the infamous, “The Bitter End.” as well as in Nashville from Sound check to Limelight

AJ followed up her debut album with the release of her sophomore effort “Dirty Country” thenAJ Jansen Dirty Country followed by her third album “Bars, Scars and Old Guitars” She is now in the studio finishing her fourth album entitled “A Country Girl Can Survive” AJ also opened for Phil Vasser, and played regularly at the Mohegan Sun. Along with appearances on the Billy Block Show and Gary Garver’s show she is in high demand for her talents. AJ is now in New England and Nashville where she performs all over to Country Music fans and her zeal for singing and song writing is evident in the lyrics, and the melodies that come straight from her heart.

AJ Jansen Bars, Scars, Old GuitarsBe sure to join us this evening as we welcome AJ Jansen to the show, live, 6:30 pm ET. Visit AJ’s site where you can listen and purchase her music. I promise you will not be disappointed. See ya tonight at the farm.

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Dale Stanten, Author of, “The Hooker’s Daughter” Joins Us Tonight

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Pops Casual Friday on ComputerWe have the appropriate guest for a Friday night here at the farm. This could be one of those guests that makes us laugh, cry, and most of all, provoke us to think. Here’s another courageous individual that has laid her soul bare for the world to see. As so many in our society expends an extreme amount of energy to hide, deny, pretend, and neglects to accept the fact that such terrible deeds are taking place, sometimes very close to us, Dale Stanten has exposed her life that others may have the courage to face theirs.

Dale Stanten has written, “The Hooker’s Dale StantenDaughter,” a story of a life dictated by shame and discontent.  It traces the path of a young woman from childhood, through bewildered adolescence, to wife, mother, widow, successful entrepreneur and author. The story is about trauma, survival, and triumph. This memoir is a story of survival driven by an ability to extract positive qualities from a dysfunctional life. The unconditional love for her mother challenges the reader to examine beyond that which is socially acceptable and identify that which is universal.

Dale Stanten Book 2Join us this evening live, at 6:30 pm ET when Dale Staten takes the visitor’s seat and shares this fantastic story with us. I guarantee she will capture your heart and put you on the edge of your seat. You know the routine, call, email, speak to, and share this news both far and wide. Be sure to pick up your calling device and phone in with your comments/questions for Dale Stanten, live at 6:30 pm ET on The George Espenlaub Show.

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Deborah Lynn Parker to Inspire Audience

This evening we are privileged to have Deborah Parker with us, live at 6:30 pm ET on The George Espenlaub Show. Once again our guest will challenge us to fulfill our purpose in life.

            Deborah Parker with UncleThe route of following the path of your calling led Deborah to start a motivational speaking, leadership and personal development practice, The DPJ Training Group, over 15 years ago. Springing this enterprise forth after numerous other careers from a social worker to army officer and corporate manager, she uses the insight gained from these opportunities to now train and coach employees in her client organizations on practical ways to overcome challenges in the workplace or other parts of their lives.  She is known as dynamic, inspiring and practical in her approach by those who’ve attended her workshops and motivational speaking engagements.

            Deborah is the author of 3 books. A motivational memoir, Navigating Life’s Roadways: Stories of Insight from My Odyssey and Inspiration for Your Journey, was published in July 2011. She has ventured into the eBook space and Life is a Review: Observations and Collections of My Passages through the Times is available on Amazon. Her book (October 2012) is For People of Strength, Soul, and Spirit: Seven Guidelines for Life & Career Success, which explores the African American story as powerful lessons in goal achievement.  Her latest book, Hardcore Leadership: 11 MasterDeborah Parker E Book Lessons from My Airborne Ranger Uncle’s “Final Jump” chronicles the life and in charge pursuits of her late uncle retired Command Sergeant Major, Vietnam Vet, along with his community positions as a former Chief Magistrate, Chair of Sussex County Board of Supervisors and Ranger Hall of Fame Inductee with takeaways for leaders in business and professional situations.

In past writing pursuits, Deborah has published articles on business, career and lifestyle issues for publications such as the Alexandria Old Town Crier, Washington Afro-American Newspaper, Metro Herald and Arizona’s Black Executive Magazine.

           Deborah Parker bing pinned as Second Lt. 1979 Deborah holds a B.A. in Sociology from the College of William and Mary and M.A. in Human Resource Development from George Mason University. A graduate of the US Army Command and General Staff College, she is now a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army Reserve.  She is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., the American Society for Training and Development, Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce and Mount Pleasant Baptist Church in Herndon, Virginia.

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Music Fills the Air with Brad Fuller

John Foxjohn Killer Nurse cover for BookIf you, family, or friends missed last night’s show with Best Selling Author, John Foxjohn, please take the time to go back and listen. His newest book, “Killer Nurse,” is to be released August 6, 2013. John’s latest book is probably going to shoot to the top of the best sellers list quickly due to the fact it’s a true story that Jon himself covered from day one. Pre-order your copy now at Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Visit Mr. Foxjohn’s site to learn more about his new book. Remember, if you missed the live show last night, go back and take a listen. You’ll be glad you did.

            Tonight on The George Espenlaub Show, Brad Fuller, a talented artist from the StateBrad Fuller Pick Studios of Michigan will be with us. We’re going to be featuring Brad’s music while speaking to him about his career and plans for the future. Make sure you tune in live at 6:30 pm eastern time to Mr. Brad Fuller. Here’s some information written by Brad himself:

             I started out in the 80’s with a band “Hot Grass” formed by myself and another member in 1982. We started out playing bluegrass music in the eastern Michigan area. The band was known for it’s up tempo approach while blending in some bluegrass standards. In 1986 the band won the Marlboro Country Music Contest held in Michigan. The accomplishment was a shot in the arm because not only did it give us more exposure but also opened more doors for the band.
After Hot Grass members went their own way in 1987, I had worked with other groups performing rock and country music in the area. But as many of us know, family comes first. I took time away for music for most of the 90’s with the idea of getting back into it one day.
In 2001 Hot Grass reunited and started performing again for about 2 years until the death of one of its members.
Since then I have spent time writing and recording just for enjoyment. But once in awhile something inspires you to keep going. I have no specific style of music although bluegrass and country is what I started out with, I enjoy all styles. I was inspired by many artists growing up such as Waylon Jennings, Eric Clapton, Phil Collins and Mark Knopfler.
We would like to thank you for taking the time to give our music a spin. If you like what you hear, let us know.
Because of the internet, it gives us all a chance to put our ideas in front of more people than ever before. If nothing else, if just one person listens and likes what they hear, then it’s all worth it.
Thank you and Keep on Pickin!

            Man showing naked truthWe’re only hours away from going live with another talented artist, Brad Fuller. For you Pick Studio Fans (Brad Fuller), this will be your chance to call in and talk with Brad. Your call will be taken live and I’m sure Brad will appreciate any comments or questions.

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Bob Baier: Handwriting Expert & Certified Forensic Document Examiner on Tonight

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            Funny Farm Head Cook MarshaIf you missed the show last evening with Michael Connelly, Constitutional Lawyer, and author, please take time to listen to what this man had to say. Visit the United States Justice Foundation site to read up on what is taking place in our country.

            This evening at 6:30 pm ET., on The George Espenlaub Show, Mr. Bob Baier will be taking us into the fascinating world of handwriting analysis. By the time the show is over you may want to become a handwriting expert.

            Bob is a Certified Handwriting Expert and aRobert Baier Certified Forensic Document Examiner having graduated from Handwriting Universities School of Forensic Document Examining.  He has 3 different Degrees AS, BS, and MA.  Bob is a certified NY State law enforcement instructor and trains law enforcement in 7 different areas which include document examining, Identity Theft, statement analysis, handwriting analysis, bogus checks, the criminal mind and handwriting, pedophiles and handwriting.  He also trains law enforcement in different states in the US.  He has been a faculty member of Handwriting University and the International School of Forensic Document Examining and received the faculty member of the year in 2008.  He has taught handwriting analysis for many years.

 Bob has been on the Television Shows “Inside Edition”, “Law Talk TV” and soon the “Smithsonian Channel” in the US and the same program will be aired in Canada, Europe and Asia on the History Channel.  On National Radio at “Business Talk Radio Net” and “Lifestyle” with 1400 affiliates.  In Sept 2005 he was featured in ESPN magazine for an analysis he did regarding an extreme sport athlete as well as Orange Magazine in NY.  Bob has spoken at National and Int’l Conferences in Hollywood, Cal., Portland, Oregon, Washington DC, Atlanta GA, Boca Raton, FLA, Maryland, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, two times in Las Vegas, NV and three times in Dallas TX. 

 As if that were not enough, Bob is the author of the book “Identity Theft – Prevention for the College Student”.  This is considered to be “The finest and most complete book on identity theft on the market today regarding Identity Theft”.  His book has been used in the training of law enforcement in NY as well as other states.

 Bob’s newest book GPS for Success is co authored with Steven Covey author of the book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Dr. John Gray author of the book Men are from Mars Women are from Venus and Les Brown nationally known speaker and author.

            I’ll be looking for you at 6:30 pm ET. Don’t forget to share a link and bring a friend or two.

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Talented Singer/Songwriter/Musician M. Callahan, Live Tonight

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            Mike Callahan 2Another great show lined up for this evening as we feature M. Callahan, singer/songwriter/musician, from Nashville, TN. Join us at 6:30 pm ET., as The George Espenlaub Show  showcases another talented artist. Don’t forget to call in with comments and questions.

            Visit Michael’s site at M. Callahan to read all about this talented artist. Tell everyone you know to tune into The George Espenlaub Show this evening at 6:30 pm ET. Let’s pack the house out again tonight.

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Hilda Lamas and Her Music Featured Tonight at 6:30 pm ET

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            We’ll rock the house this evening as Hilda Lamas comes to us live at 6:30 pm ET., on The George Espenlaub Show. Come on in, get yourself loose, let your hair down, and dance with an attitude as Hilda and her music are featured tonight. Do your family and friends a favor; bring every one of them with you.

            Hilda Lamas

Hilda’s first solo performance was at the tender age of 4, in a Baptist church in her hometown of Aransas Pass, Texas. Throughout her childhood, Hilda performed at many social events and school functions. After graduating high school, she attended Texas A&M University in Corpus Christi, Texas to pursue a degree in Biology. Her second semester of college, Hilda took a music class and decided that she needed to follow her passion for music and changed her major to music.

Later that year, Hilda auditioned and was hired as vocalist for a Corpus Christi cover band, and began performing in local club scene. It was during this time that she began to grow as a performer and was introduced to music as a profession. She became a favorite to open sporting and other public events with her rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner. Hilda caught the attention of Hacienda Records’ Executive Vice President, Rick Garcia and entered into an exclusive agreement with Hacienda Records, making her the first blues artist to be signed to the predominately Latin label.

In March 2005, Hilda released her first single, “Que Guapo Estas”. The following year had the honor of opening for Latin Grammy Winner Little Joe y La Familia and was nominated for “Best new Female Tejano Artist”. 2007 was exciting as Hilda was booked as the opening act for the world premiere of “Flower Power”, and her 2nd award nomination, this time for “Rising Female Star” at the Tejano Music Industry Awards.

Hilda released her debut album, “Latina Soul”, on February 10, 2009. The album contained covers in English and Spanish as well as 5 original songs that Hilda co-wrote. Later that year, she had the honor of performing our National Anthem for Texas Governor Rick Perry, for the State of the State Address.

Hilda has opened for many artists including The Texas Tornados, Marcia Ball and Los Lobos. While maintaining a busy performance schedule, Hilda has managed to be active in her community with charity performances, being a Big Sister with Big Brothers and Big Sisters, a member of the Young Business Professionals and most recently was honored as the “2012 Embajador of the Year” by the Corpus Christi Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

On January 22, 2013, Hilda released her new single, “Can’t Take The Mud Out”, the debut single from her sophomore album, “Love Me Alone”, due out early March 2013 on Hacienda Records/CG Music Partners.


 “Hilda Lamas on a steady climb in the music business”
– Michael Cary, Aransas Pass Progress (April 14, 2010) Read Article

“Hilda, baby you are awesome! That is a beautiful song and I love your rendition”
– Texas Governor Rick Perry (September 23, 2009)

“If I had a voice like that I wouldn’t be in politics, I would be doing what you’re doing, you are wonderful!”
– Congressman Solomon Ortiz (November 2009)


This Man Could Not, Would Not, Nor Will He Be Destroyed

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Many of our so called problems are trivial things that don’t amount to a proverbial, “Hill of Beans,” when all added up. Some are inconveniences, others are brought on by ourselves, and still much of what we call problems is nothing more than whining. We don’t have what we think we should have, or we feel that life doesn’t treat us fair coupled with the fact that many of us feel we are entitled to the niceties of life.

            rob_oliverThe following bio information depicts a man that faced real life problems that could have destroyed him from a fulfilling life:

At the age of 21, Rob Oliver sustained a spinal cord injury while body surfing on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The injury left him paralyzed from the chest down with limited use of his arms and hands. These limitations forced Rob to take a long hard look at life, relationships and success. In spite of the physical challenges, Rob determined to “live life to the fullest”. After the injury, he completed his schooling (B.S. from the University of Pittsburgh, M.A. from Duquesne University,) obtained his driver’s license, married, joined the work force and became a father. Rob is a sought after speaker, author, entrepreneur and advocate. In 2010, he completed his autobiography entitled “Still Walking” (www.yourmotivationalspeaker.com) and is working on his second book, “Still Falling”, whichs will be available this summer. Between working full-time, speaking, writing, being a husband and dad, maintaining his web sites, running his businesses, being a mentor and maintaining an active social life, Rob’s life is very full. He has chosen to focus on what he can do and make the most out of it!

            Please join me this evening at 6:30 pm ET as Rob Oliver joins us from Pittsburgh, Pa. and shares his inspirational message that demonstrates to each of us that regardless of circumstances we can prevail. Tune in to The George Espenlaub Show and bring a friend.

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Alexes Aiken Will Set Our Feet to Dancing Tonight

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            Get your dancing shoes on cause we’re going to put our hands together and get our groove on again this evening at 6:30 pm.ET. Alexes Aiken is going to be here live so pass the word, call family and friends so we can all gather here at the Funny Farm where if you want you can stand on your head and clap your feet.

            Tune up your listening devices, crank up the volume, and get up from where you’re sitting so we can transfer this energy from one to another both here at the farm and around the world. The following is taken from her site at AlexesAiken.com

           SONY DSC Country pop singer/songwriter/musician Alexes Aiken is a 17 year-old sensation. She has won as many accolades nationally in songwriting contests as singing competitions in Nashville for her original lyrics and melodies and her unique voice and style.

   Aiken’s awards include Entertainer of the Year (Traditional Country) and Songwriter of the Year (New Country and Inspirational) for the 13-16 year-old category from the Tennessee Country & Gospel Music Association (TCGMA) 2012 Awards. She also won Future Star Award, Female Entertainer of the Year (New Country), and Co-Songwriter of the Year (New Country, Gospel, Holiday and Patriotic) from the North American Country Music Associations, Int’l 2012 Awards for the 13-16 year-old category.  Aiken was born November 18, 1995.

   In fact, Aiken’s Nashville based producer, Jonell Polansky, is also a triple platinum publisher on Tim McGraw’s Dancehall Doctors CD. Polansky proudly says, “Alexes could rival any Nashville newcomer especially since she is born and raised in New Orleans but sings like she was born on The Opry stage.” She has also sung at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville at the TCGMA and GCGMA Awards Show, and on the main stage at the Nashville Palace.

   “Aiken’s new self-titled EP and her commanding voice are prominent in the club-electronica dance tracks influenced by the country remakes of these two iconic songs – Queen’s “I Want It All” and the timeless Nancy Sinatra classic, “These Boots Are Made For Walkin’,” explains Polansky.

   It is Aiken’s hope that her re-mixed version of “I Want It All” will become a new youth anthem.  Her re-mix of “Boots” celebrates the original song’s 45th anniversary as a soundtrack during television news coverage in 1967 as the cameras focused on US Infantry on patrol during the Vietnam War.

   “Miss Sinatra originally recorded her version of the “Boots” song to welcome the troops from the Vietnam War. I’m dedicating my version to our troops around the world today and, in particular, to my paternal grandfather who is a WWII Army survivor and still a large part of my life,” smiles Aiken.

   “My maternal grandfather was one of the most amazing men I have ever known. As I have said, the men in my life are the greatest men in the world, but my grandpa was really special. My grandpa was also a singer. After he was treated for thyroid cancer, his singing voice was completely destroyed from radiation. When I had sleepovers at his house, he would sing me to sleep. At the time I never realized how much of an impact he would make on my life,” recalls Aiken, of her dearly departed grandpa.

   The green eyed, auburn haired entertainer was born and raised in New Orleans with deep family roots in NOLA heritage. Aiken is an accomplished teenager who has a fierce commitment to giving back to the New Orleans community. “I love participating in service events like Boo at the Zoo (a charity event at the Audubon Zoo), Red Dress Run for heart disease, Breast Cancer and Autism walks.” She continues, “My school Key Club adopts a family every year for Christmas and Easter and the school runs community-wide drives and “garage sales” to raise money and supplies for these needy families.”

   Aiken’s personality is as flamboyant as her red hair. She is also a strong mirror image of her mother, Tonia, who is a nurse attorney and as pragmatic and dedicated as her father, Dr. James Aiken, Associate Director of Emergency Services at Charity Hospital who treated hundreds of Hurricane Katrina patients.

   Family is important to Aiken. “My mom is one of the most hardworking people I know. I hope one day that I can be at least half the woman that she is. My dad (who also plays guitar) is my rock for advice and we have a really rare relationship that few families ever get to experience,” Aiken explains.

   Aiken comes from a very musical family on her mother’s side as well. “My mom, Aunt Tina, cousin, Kyle who also plays guitar, and I all sing in the church band, “Soul Spirit”. We perform at festivals, church fairs, and Sunday night Mass.” Aiken continues, “Two of my grandfather’s brothers also played musical instruments including the accordion, flute, saxophone, and clarinet.”

   Aiken graduated from Arden Cahill Academy in Gretna, LA and is attending De La Salle High School in New Orleans.

            Man showing naked truthSo, at 6:30 pm ET make sure you tune into The George Espenlaub Show live from the Funny Farm where Alexes Aiken will grace us with her presence.

Listen to my music at www.Euphonious.ca and KSBT Radio.

Debut CD Now Available at iTunes, Amazon.com, and CD Baby

The Remus Tucker Band Will Be On The Farm Tonight….It’s Jam Night

The Remus Tucker Band

Call in with comments and question for Remus Tucker and his band members: 302.497.3414 or george.espenlaub (Skype). They will be live this evening at 6:30 pm eastern time on The George Espenlaub Show. That number again, 302.497.3414 or george.espenlaub (Skype).

            Based out of Denver Colorado, The Remus Tucker Band is a fast moving bit of Southern Fried Rock. Their mix of good ole Southern Rock and Blues keeps the feet a stomping and the butts a moving. They are a bunch of fellas and one “lady”, that keeps things lively while stomping to the beat of their own brand and a bit of the favorites remade as only The Remus Tucker Band can. Rockin!

Currently signed to Graystone Records, they have played with the likes of Firefall and John Lee Hooker Jr. and have always left to standing ovations. Their influences are many, with deep roots in the South, like any good southern rock band should be. The show is high powered and ready to knock your socks off.. Their remakes of Marshall Tucker’s “Cant Ya See”, to Led Zeppelin’s “What Is and What Should Never Be” have thrilled audiences and gained a reputation as a band that is unique and in their own vein.

Their new EP “The Remus Tucker Band, That’s What she said” was released in 2012 and was a hit with the old fans as well as the new. Come out and catch them, cuz it is a feat of sight and sound that will keep you running back for more.

They have tested their material digitally on outlets such as Jango.com, and YouTube, as well as playing live and have received many accolades from the press and public. Their focus is to fill their schedule with dates across the US as well as abroad and bring their brand of Southern Rock and Blues to a wider audience.

Band Member Bios:

           Remus Tucker Remus Tucker – Lead Vocals – The Mountain Man of Southern Rock, and the voice of the band. Remus is no stranger to fun. Whether it’s chasing bear through the mountains or throwing back a bit of old lightning, he is all about laughing and having a good time. His trademark hat and long hair lets ya spot him from far off. Sorta gives ya a chance to decide to buy him a drink or quickly make yer exit.  Born in the backwoods of Michigan, he is lover of old time blues and Southern Rock and this colors his style in most things. Though he hails from the North, the South flows freely in his veins, along with good beer and whiskey.
You can usually find him banging out some tune he just pulled out of his .. um.. “made up”, or singing some Ole Time Southern Rock. His soulful renderings touch ya in a way that you start thinking “Maybe hippies aren’t all bad.”

            Uncle Otis – The Other Guitarist – One of the lynch pins of the band. Otis brings his mixRemus Tucker Uncle Otis of Southern Rock flair and “super slide” twangs to the flavor of this old timey dish. He keeps Remus on track and has a taste for good tequila. So if ya see him out and about, buy this man a shot.

            Remus Tucker Reggie Rae LynnReggie Rae Lynn – Backing Vocals – Beauty, class, and just plain amazing hotness is packed into this angel of the airwaves. A voice that makes the sun shine and stars twinkle, Reggie has added her magic to The Remus Tucker Band. 

            Jefferson Alligator Garfish Guard – Drums – Gator, as he isRemus Tucker Jefferson Alligator known in certain circles, has been bashing the living hell out of drums for most of his life. Whether it’s flying over the bayou in a swamp boat, or busting out beats in high, and low, class clubs. This man keeps the rhythm and drives the night.

            Remus Tucker Cousin MozeCousin Moze – Lead Guitar – He is the lead banger in this here shindig. His style of jazzy, bluesy, leads push the sound of the band to incredible heights. He’s a quiet one, until ya give him his gitfiddle. Then WATCH OUT!

            Professor Cletis “Underfoot” Norwood Tucker (no relation) –Remus Tucker Professor Bass Guitar – The professor hails from the bustling borough of Red’s Junction Colorado, home of Red’s Cat House. No one knows where he was born because baby Cletis was found in a basket at the back door of RCH. The sign that was attached to him said simply, “will work for food.” The employees at the Cat House, having no children of their own, adopted the baby professor and raised him as a village does. From his early days of playing rattle in the cat house band, Cletis showed an aptitude for rhythmic invention. Because xylophone and squeaky toy seemed too rudimentary for such a gifted infant, the professor moved on to guitar. Pleased with the melodic possibilities of this new instrument but unsatisfied with the low expectations for rhythmic accuracy, Cletis quickly and wisely shifted to bass guitar. The professor had found the love of his life.

            Visit the band’s site at Remus Tucker. com and listen to some of their music and then tune in live this evening at 6:30 pm eastern time as Remus and the some of the gang takes their seats on The George Espenlaub Show.

Dress Up Day at the FarmCall in number: 302.497.3414 or george.espenlaub (Skype)